Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuna with Cheese Swirls

"A can of tuna in the cupboard is great insurance for all sorts of cooking emergencies." Marjorie Standish

Tuna is an ingredient I'm sure many of us grew up with in the cupboard. My mom always had a can or two on the shelf. This recipe is very much a recipe of its time. It starts out by sauteing some onions and peppers in butter, creating a roux and adding a can of chicken soup with rice. Then, to make it a creamy casserole, add milk.

By the time I reached this step, Marjorie had lost me! There was way too much going on in the pan. I suppose, though, you either like casseroles or you don't, and I've never been a huge casserole fan. After the creamed mixture has thickened, the directions are to add tuna and lemon juice. Again, the eye appeal here... not very good. It may taste great though!

"One of the first cooking schools I ever conducted was in the town of Limerick. During that series of three school, this way of preparing tuna was used in an oven meal. It is a recipe that may be used just as given, yet if you do not have the time to make the cheese swirls for the top, then serve the tuna mixture in toast cups, on crackers or as a shortcake using cornbread."  Marjorie Standish

Once the casserole is made it's time to make the cheese swirls. Basically this involves making a pie crust, layering it with cheese and rolling and cutting it like a jelly roll. The slices are then placed on the tuna, and the whole dish is baked in the oven for 25 minutes or until the swirls are light brown and the tuna mixture is hot and bubbly.

As Marjorie says, the casserike can also be served without the cheese swirls, like a Tuna a la King. We will be serving this innovative dish here at the Blue Elephant Cafe today, Tuesday, June 21, 2011, for only 4.99/bowl. If you are feeling adventurous come on in and give it a try. Marjorie has not let us down yet, and I don't think you'll be disappointed!

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