Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fried Clams and Clam Cakes

What comes to mind when you think of vacationing in Maine? Lobster, corn on the cob, and fried clams perhaps? Well today I decided to go back to the seafood section of Marjorie's cookbook and make her Fried Clams and Clam Cakes.

Today at the Blue Elephant, the Fried Clams and Clam Cakes will be served together with a bit of Garlic Aioli and some Tarter Sauce as well.

Fried Clams.

I have never made fried clams, and I often stay away from making anything that involves deep frying. However, this recipe was pretty easy and not too scary with the hot oil. Marjorie's batter recipe is so light and fluffy, it was far from what I expected it would be. Now I am curious and will have to do some research to look into what other recipes call for in their batter.

From start to finish the whole recipe only took me 45 minutes to complete, and for making fried clams from scratch... I think that's pretty good! Not to mention that they look delicious!

Clam Cakes.

In addition to the fried clams, I decided it would be fun to make clam cakes as an accompanying dish. If ever you were looking for a simple seafood hors d oeuvre, side dish, or even a main dish - this would be it. Simply combine the clams, crumbled up crackers and a couple of eggs. Then fry in a pan with some butter in large tablespoonfuls.

Give this recipe a try sometime, or better yet, come in to the Blue Elephant today (Wednesday June 15, 2011), and try these yummy clam cakes and fried clams. Regardless of how you try either of these recipes, in the cafe or at home, let us know what you think of Marjorie Standish's traditional Maine clam dishes!

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