Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update Wednesday January 5, 2011

The Spinach Casserole and French Bread went over famously and we sold out of all of the portions before 12:30 today during lunch! Thank you to all of our supportive customers at The Blue Elephant for coming in and having lunch. We enjoy your company very much!

Early this afternoon two ladies came in to have lunch and were so excited by Marjorie's cookbook and my project. They had loads of stories and tons of suggestions for recipes that I should be sure to cover in the up coming weeks! It is always fun when someone comes in and is as excited as these two women were by Marjorie's cookbook and by my latest cooking venture.

Be sure to keep checking in to see what recipes are coming your way and come in to The Blue Elephant to be the first to try the daily Standish Special!

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  1. It was really good! I was glad I came in today to try it.