Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oven Easy Chicken with a Jellied Cranberry Salad

When I was little I remember weekend dinners at my grandmothers, she used to make jello with fruit in it. It was not my favorite part of the meal but it was a constant part of the menu and I suppose that it could have even been one of Marjorie's recipes. When I was making the Jellied Cranberry Salad yesterday it brought back all kinds of memories of going to have dinner with Grammy and Grampy. 

It seems a though jello with fruit in it would not be very popular any more as it is a dish that dates itself from the 1960's. However, the general consensus on the dish yesterday was that it was very good, I also tasted it while I was making it and though it was very sweet, it was very tasty. 

The Oven Easy Chicken is what I might call Marjorie's version of "Shake and Bake." However, I'm guessing that Marjorie's recipe predated shake and bake. True to it's name it is one of the easiest chicken recipes- bake half an hour on one side and then half an hour on the other and it's ready to be served.  If I, or if Marjorie, were serving to guests I bet we both would have chosen to serve mashed potatoes and a green salad with this chicken. Since I'm trying to work in all of the recipes in the cookbook I chose the jello salad instead.

Overall the both recipes are something to add to my permanent collection. Oven Easy Chicken Served with Jellied Cranberry Salad and Mixed Greens is still on the Blue Elephant menu today so come in and and try it before it's all gone!

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