Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Custard Pie" and "Beautiful Custard Pie"

In a cookbook where two recipes collide....First was the original Custard Pie. Then came the Beautiful Custard Pie. They battled it to the death to become our customer's favorite new pie. Who would ultimately win? We would have to wait and see! 

The original Custard Pie. 
"She was just as widely known for custard pie and it is not unusual to have people say 'just made George's mother's pie today, it's the best!' She gave the recipe in proportions for a 9-inch pie and a 10-inch pie."

George was Marjorie's husband, and this recipe must have been his mother's recipe. It was very popular, and I could hardly keep it on the shelf the day I made it. I will definitely be keeping it on file, as I'll be making it again!  

Next up...Beautiful Custard Pie.
As I was making the original custard pie, I looked down and saw that this recipe followed. I chuckled because it was such a funny name. I decided that I needed to make it right after the other custard pie for comparison sake. Unfortunately, there was no explanation for its unique name, so my assumption is that the name has to do with the recipe's method and ingredients.

The differences between the two:

Custard Pie:                                       Beautiful Custard Pie:
Mix Eggs                                           Beat Egg White
       Sugar                                          Add Sugar
       Cold Milk                                           Spices
       Spices                                         Beat in whole eggs
                                                          Mix in warm milk

The result: the Beautiful Custard Pie was more dense than the Custard Pie. However, both were equally delicious. I made the Beautiful Custard Pie yesterday, and we still have a few slices left. So come in and try some while it lasts!

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