Friday, April 22, 2011

A Note From the Kitchen

Last week, five ladies came in for breakfast and sat together at a table. As they were eating, they saw me set out my daily Standish Special (the Chiffon Cake), and we got to talking about Marjorie Standish. The ladies all just love Marjorie's cookbook; it is their favorite standby go-to book. One of the women even had a story about her aunt who used to live next door to Marjorie. She remembers going to visit her aunt for a party of some sort, and Marjorie came over and gave her a great big welcoming hug.

Apparently Marjorie was the sweetest lady. In the last month, I have encountered two people who have met Marjorie at some point in their lives. Both people have the same opinion - Marjorie was the sweetest, most down to earth woman.

I love hearing these kinds of stories. Please write in and tell me yours. Even if you never had the opportunity to meet Marjorie, I'm sure you have a story about her cookbook or one of her recipes! Tell me about it!

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