Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Swiss Cheese Pie

When I was first looking through this book and thinking about doing this project, I was astounded that Miss Marjorie didn't have any quiche recipes in her book. Isn't quiche something everyone from Maine makes?

Anyway, I was planning my recipes for the upcoming month, and I planned to make Swiss Cheese Pie yesterday (Tuesday). I read the recipe, and it sounded very much like my quiche recipe. Then as I was making it, I realized that not only is it a quiche, but it has the exact same ingredient ratios that I use when I make my own tried and true quiche recipe.

So I stand corrected. Marjorie Standish does in fact have a quiche recipe in her cookbook! It is delicious; a flaky crust with swiss cheese, bacon and your basic quiche egg mixture. YUM!

Do you have a favorite quiche recipe? Or a favorite kind of quiche? Tell me your story! 

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