Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sandwich Loaf

"Sandwich loaf-an excellent idea for a luncheon or evening refreshments is prepared ahead of time to make for last-minute ease in entertaining. To serve slice loaf in 1-inch slices." Marjorie Standish

I admit I am still playing catch-up. Last Friday I made this recipe  - Sandwich Loaf. It was an experience, that's for sure. There were three components to the loaf: Egg Salad, Ham Salad, and Cucumber with a Cream Cheese Dressing.

Because it is worth it, I will describe each component and the process of making the Sandwich Loaf.

First was the egg salad, which was a typical egg salad with eggs and mayonnaise. Then, added to this was a bit of lemon juice and chopped stuffed olives.

Next came the ham salad: chopped ham and mayonnaise with chopped pickles and seasonings.

Finally, the cucumber part: thinly sliced cumbers topped with a cream cheese and mayonnaise spread. In the spread was a little red pepper and seasonings to taste.

Once each part is assembled, it is spread and layered on white bread. I chose Wonder Bread! It is a sight to behold. Very 1950's and very creative though not too popular in 2011! Maybe it will make a comeback one of these days!

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  1. I think for this, they'd use Pepperidge Farm thin slice as it held up better and was more solid. They'd press the top down a bit to hold the whole thing together better, and they did actually serve it sliced like a meatloaf. Sort of a bread terrine? Very much a fancy occasion buffet item for lady's lunches or weddings.