Friday, March 25, 2011

Salmon Wiggle

My first day back and I decided to make one of the more interesting recipes. I had planned on making Salmon Wiggle awhile ago, but things got moved around and it just didn't happen until now. It turned out to be a good thing though. I can barely begin to describe the positive response that the Salmon Wiggle generated! I was really surprised at how many people were familiar with Salmon Wiggle; I myself had never heard of it.

Here are some of the comments from our customers:

"Salmon Wiggle! My husband loves Salmon Wiggle. I can't wait to tell him about that!"

Customer:  Do you really have Salmon Wiggle on the menu?
Me: Yes we do!
Customer (laughing):  My mother used to make that all the time, and when I read that you were serving it, all I could think was 'Is my mother in the back there cooking?'

"We used to eat that at least once a week! I haven't had it since I was a little girl, and I think I'm going to get it today!"

Those are just a few of the comments regarding the Salmon Wiggle. I love it when our customers share their experiences with Marjorie's book and her recipes.

Given its name, I would not have expected the Wiggle to be so popular (or well recognized). It reminded me of Chicken a la King with salmon substituted for the chicken. The dish had a creamy white sauce with peas and salmon served over buttered white toast. The only unappealing aspect was that it was made with canned salmon. This could easily be substituted with fresh salmon, although I'm sure that canned salmon was what Marjorie and other women of the 1960's had available to them. Since I'm cooking by the book (no pun intended), I followed the recipe exactly.

Give it a try sometime. You might just like it! If you have a story about Salmon Wiggle write to me, and tell me all about it. I'd love to hear your story!

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  1. I remember shrimp wiggle! It was served on toast points. Not one of my favorites but it sure brings back memories. So fun to see you making these 'oldies.' I also remember Welsh Rarebit and noted you made that this year as well.
    Jan C. friend from Rockport!