Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bringing the Past Together With the Present

On a daily basis I am amazed by how many of our customers have a connection with Marjorie. Some customers have Marjorie's cookbook at home on their shelves, others use the book on a regular basis, and still others remember their grandmothers using the cookbook and passing it down to the next generation.

While chatting with one of our customers the other day, I learned about a wedding gift of the Cooking Down East cookbook she had received many years ago. This caused me to stop and realize that things have come full circle; cooking my way through the Standish cookbook and my involvement in the catering business where we often find ourselves at weddings all came together. Marjorie's cookbook seems like such a simple wedding gift, yet it is one that has served a great purpose for this woman and her family. In a way, that is what Marjorie's recipes are: simple, yet serving a purpose!

Do you have a great story about Cooking Down East with Marjorie Standish? Tell me about it.

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  1. LOVE this idea and your blog! and it sounds like it's time to make a road trip to your restaurant!! I do have a story to share about this post.

    I gave my grandmother a copy of Cooking Downeast one Christmas long ago. I recently discovered this same copy had been passed down to my mom and when my mom passed away it came back to me. When I opened the book I discovered that she had written all kinds of personal comments and all of our favorite family recipes from my past. It is one of my most treasured possessions.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I love hearing anecdotes like yours. My grandmother also used Marjorie's cookbook all the time and whenever I go home to visit her we have great conversations about the food she used to cook and what recipes she remembers cooking.

    Isn't it great how one cookbook can tie a family together?! Please come to the Cafe any time! Bring your cookbook if you'd like I'd love to see it! Thanks again for sharing your story and your support!