Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Salt Pork, Sauerkraut, Potatoes and Hot Dogs

You got me on this one... no history, not much explanation.... any thoughts from the general public? 

Slowly boil the cubed salt pork for one hour...

add the sauerkraut and simmer for another hour.... 

add pared potatoes and simmer, covered until fork tender for forty-five minutes.... 

top with hot dogs and steam for roughly 10 minutes..... 

To finish pour the combination onto a plate or into a bowl and serve.... 

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  1. It's a variety of boiled dinner, which was as common as casseroles, just done on top of the stove. Think new England boiled dinner with pork shoulder butt and veggies or chicken in the pot. Marjorie assumed you did one of these at least once a week so she didn't bother with instructions. I'd have diced the salt pork finer, then layered the ingredients in the pot without stirring them all up. Would have done more potatoes in thick slices. More hot dogs than you did and layered on top. Also might have been a typo but you had the cooking times mixed up.
    Marjorie also says to serve on a platter, family-style, which is how most meals were served, rather than individual plating which would have been considered just for restaurants. So you would arrange the ingredients nicely and separately on the platter for your family to help themselves from as shown in many cookbooks of the period rather than mixing everything all together and dumping it in a bowl.
    Have enjoyed this series and your efforts. You are a good sport to attempt these recipes which must seem strange to you. Will try to comment on a couple others that had you puzzled. It's amazing how quickly these everyday things have changed, just in a generation really.