Thursday, March 1, 2012

Milk Chocolate Cake with Miracle Frosting

The Blue Elephant had a Birthday to celebrate recently! What better way to celebrate than with a cake? Even better a cake made from scratch from the great book of Marjorie Standish. It was a new recipe for me. A milk chocolate cake with miracle frosting. Sounds delicious, how could you go wrong with a name like that? 

The cake was super easy. Use the creaming method, with your sugar and fats then add sifted dry ingredients then combine all together alternately with melted chocolate. The batter was very light and airy and I could tell just from its texture that when it came out of the oven it was going to be moist and delicious. 

In my experience sometimes cake made from scratch can come out dry and crumbly. This was not the case with this recipe. It was in fact very moist. One modification I would make to the recipe if I were to make it again were to be to add more chocolate. However for the purposes of this project, I followed the recipe to a T and made it exactly the way Marjorie described. It still tasted delicious but could have used a bit more chocolate, and I think all you chocolate lovers out there would agree! 

The frosting was an interesting adventure. All of the ingredients get mixed together and then they sit for at least a half an hour. This allows the sugar time to dissolve in the liquid. After a half an hour the mixture goes on top of a double boiler and is brought to a boiling point. Following this, it is mixed either with an egg beater or by hand, your choice! 

When the frosting holds peaks you know you're done beating. If you time it correctly your cake will be cooling on the counter while you're mixing the frosting and then when you're done mixing you can move right into frosting your cake. 

My frosting never quite held stiff peaks and if I kept beating my fear was that it would have separated. I'm not quite sure why it happened this way but it still tasted fine and I was able to get it to a spreadable consistency. 

So I frosted my cake and put some candles in it for the Birthday boy and it was enjoyed by many! If you're looking for a yummy chocolate cake recipe to try then flip to this one. It's easy and delicious, more than likely you'll have all the ingredients in your cupboard. Give the frosting a whirl too, or try one of the other frostings listed in the book. 

We're nearing the end of Cooking Down East... lots more to write about. Stay tuned! 

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