Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Toasted Pecan Layer Cake with a Toasted Pecan Frosting

Did you ever see the movie Pollyanna with Hayley Mills? If so, do you remember the scene where she's at the church carnival sampling all the food? She comes to this one booth where the housekeeper hands her this big piece of white layer cake with chocolate frosting. She goes around that carnival eating this grand piece of cake. 

I remember watching that scene and remarking over that piece of cake. I have always wanted to be able to make a cake as big, fluffy and white as that one and with icing as whipped and creamy as that appeared to be. 

I have made many cakes and tried many different kinds of recipes but until yesterday morning I had not been able to create a cake that seemed almost as perfect as the cake in the Pollyanna movie! It seems funny that the magical recipe comes from an old fashioned Maine cook book, but on the other hand those Maine church ladies really knew what they were doing! 

Toasted Pecan Layer Cake with a Toasted Pecan Frosting. This is in the running, if not, the best white cake I have ever made. It is light and fluffy. It rises beautifully in the oven and when the layers are stacked together they make a full an beautiful layered white cake. 

The frosting is simple too. Confectioners sugar with butter, cream, and vanilla. Blended together until creamy then add the remainder of the pecans and spread on the cake. 

The only thing that separated this cake from the perfect Pollyanna cake was the nuts and the icing. Eliminate the nuts and switch the icing around a bit to be either a plain vanilla or chocolate icing and it would be a spot on perfect white layer cake. 

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