Thursday, March 1, 2012

Broiled Salmon Steaks

     In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that I only had a few fish recipes left from the 'Fish and Shellfish' section so I decide to finish it up as soon as I could. Not only that but as I near the end of this project it's exciting when I finish a recipe and can say that I've completed another section. 

     Yesterday morning when I got up and was flipping through I realized I didn't have many recipes at all left in the fish section and if I could get it all together then I could finish it that day. I made a list and went to the grocery store. An hour later I had made four fish recipes. First up Broiled Salmon Steaks with a Parsley Butter. 

I have worked with salmon a lot but this is one of the prettiest recipes that I've made yet. And so simple too. I cleaned the salmon, seasoned with salt and pepper then placed it under the broiler until it started to brown. I did flip the fish once while it was cooking, which Marjorie says to do. It only took ten minutes in the oven. It was so quick to bake. 

Next the parsley butter. Herbed butter is actually very trendy right now. I've been reading about it a lot in my cooking magazines and online too. It's very easy to make, simply cream butter, add parsley and seasonings. Here's the part where you can have fun. Simply leave the butter in a dish and refrigerate, pipe it into fun shapes with a piping bag and tips. Or you can do what I did which was place in wax paper and roll into a log. This is then frozen for a bit. It then can be sliced into quarter sized pieces with a warm knife.

To serve the salmon we warmed it slightly and topped with a slice of parsley butter. With the warm salmon the butter melts slightly and creates a beautiful look and a delicious dish. Complete the dish with a side salad and perhaps some mashed potatoes or rice.

Usually Marjorie's meals are so simple and plain but this one had a certain elegance to it. You never know this one might just find its way onto our catering list!

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