Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick Nut Bread

"We call some breads quick breads to distinguish them from yeast bread. We could call them tea-time loaves for this is when they are most popular, served as paper thin sandwiches or sliced thin and spread with butter or cream cheese. Sliced and served plain as dessert for lunch or supper they are good, too. Everyone has a favorite, perhaps you will find yours among these recipes. Quick nut bread is one that I remember making first of all." 
                                                  Marjorie Standish

In my quest for quick and easy recipes today I found this one, Quick Nut Bread. We had all of the ingredients and also I've realized that I have not made many of the breads from the All Sorts of Bread section. So I decided to give it a shot.

I would never consider myself a bread maker nor is it an item that I really enjoy making. I was shocked when I opened the door of the oven to peek at the bread when it was half way through its baking time. It looked beautiful! It was rising beautifully and turning golden brown - it almost looked like a loaf of fake bread. 

Once it was done and had cooled I sliced off a couple pieces. I wouldn't say it's the best bread I've ever had but it certainly is tasty. Also the suggestion Marjorie had of spreading some cream cheese or butter over the slice would be wonderful. 

We still have a few slices left so come in tomorrow and give it a try with a little butter, cream cheese or jam. 

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