Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Anadama Bread

"It happened a long time ago and probably the fisherman in Massachusetts who had the lazy wife and had to do his own cooking was every bit justified in naming for her the bread he made. 'Anna, damn her!' he called it. Polite society found this name for such a good bread a little more than it could stand so it was modified to Anadama bread. Eventually, the recipe found its way to Maine and is very popular." 
                                                                                                               Marjorie Standish

After a busy weekend I was looking for an easy recipe, meaning a recipe with ingredients that we had on hand that I could easily pull together. Last Thursday I had gone by Anadama Bread when I was on a tear making all of those recipes. So I came back to it on Monday and gave it a try. 

I still have a bunch in the "All Sorts of Bread" section so it was a good thing that this one caught my eye. It is interesting too because it seems to be a bread that no many people are familiar with. It is a cornmeal and molasses based bread. It's very soft and light with a lot of flavor. Almost sweet. 

It was easy in the respect that I had all of the ingredients on hand, however, it took such a long time to pull this thing together. Waiting for it to rise, punch it down, then rise again. Then I had to let it rest once it flipped onto the counter. Then once formed into bread loaves and in pans it had to rise again. Not that this is any different from any other bread recipe, I remember having to do this in our bread unit in Culinary school, it just takes forever. 

It was totally worth the effort though. It came out beautifully and is absolutely scrumptious! 

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