Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coffee Cake

I really like this recipe, the cake is so light and fluffy and the topping so sweet and crunchy. It reminds me of my mom's coffee cake recipe too. It is a little bit different, when she makes it it has sour cream and is much more dense. I love it but Marjorie's recipe might be strong contender! 

One thing Marjorie suggests is adding nuts, however I personally am not a fan of nuts on or in my desserts or coffee cake, not to mention the allergy factor. So I made half of the coffee cake with the nuts on top and half without. We still have plenty of squares left so head on in to give it a try for dessert or perhaps with just a cup of tea or coffee. YUM! 

Blue Elephant Cafe
12 Pepperell Square
Saco, Maine 04072

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