Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pressed Chicken and "Best Potato Salad"

As I started mixing the ingredients for the Pressed Chicken recipe together I began to wonder why on earth Marjorie would say this recipe is  "... an excellent dish to serve to guests." It starts off with boiling a chicken, then reducing it's stock and adding gelatin to it. To the jellied broth you add the cut up chicken and then press it into a loaf pan with your choice of garnish. My choice (from her list of suggestions)... sliced hard boiled egg.

I was sure to season the recipe with salt and pepper, however it was a dish straight from the 1960's or perhaps before, and not very appealing. A learning experience nonetheless and as I have committed to the project I have to try making each recipe even if it's not appealing.

Marjorie recommends serving the Pressed Chicken with her "Best Potato Salad" recipe. I liked this recipe because she doesn't add mayonnaise. Adding mayonnaise to potato salad is something that most recipes do. Her potatoes are cooked until tender and then dressed with a vinaigrette. The salad marinates for a long time in this and then is served with whatever dish you choose. Marjorie's special hint to a good potato salad is cutting the potatoes into a small dice and cook until they are very tender. It was very delicious though perhaps more of a summer dish that winter.

Week four will entail some Christmas dishes, warm hearty stews and yummy desserts! Stay tuned!

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