Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Halibut Loaf with a Tomato Sauce

Fresh out of the oven the Halibut loaf, though it may sound unappealing to the palette, smelled and looked great. As I turned it over onto the plate I was going through the process in my head and I realized that the method was exactly the same as her meatloaf. The only difference is that the Halibut Loaf recipe has a choice of sauce to make to go with it. The choices are tomato, almond and lobster. I chose the tomato which made the dish look even more like a traditional meat loaf. 
I also decided that perhaps Maine is the only state where someone would come up with a fish "meatloaf." Not that it's a bad idea, in fact it is very innovative. I give total credit to Marjorie Standish for her Halibut Loaf and Tomato Sauce. 

Here at The Blue Elephant Cafe the loaf will come served with mixed greens, some extra sauce and your choice of dressing. Come on in for a taste!

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