Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meatloaf Sandwiches and a Side of Two Week Salad

Today's Standish Special........... Meatloaf and Two Week Salad. In order to make the meatloaf a dish that we would be able to sell at The Blue Elephant, I turned it into a meatloaf sandwich; two slices of meatloaf served on toasted white bread with catsup, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato. To accompany the sandwich I chose a simple salad called "Two Week Salad" which is a combination of chopped cabbage and onion dressed in a sweet oil and vinegar dressing. 

The response to the Meatloaf Sandwich was spectacular. The best comment of the day came as a customer placed their order. She finished her placing her order exclaiming, "... and it's even served on white bread too!" 

I don't often eat meatloaf and rarely do I make it either. So before today I had to do some research on how to make a meatloaf sandwich. It may sound strange but I honestly had no idea how to "properly" serve a traditional meatloaf sandwich. From what I discovered there are many different ways to prepare a meatloaf sandwich. As I was taking each order today I discovered that everybody likes a meatloaf sandwich with a slight variation.

White or wheat bread is the bread of choice. Catsup and mayonnaise were a must. A couple customers added cheese to their sandwiches and while most people liked the lettuce and tomato some opted to not have the vegetables on their sandwich.

On the docket for tomorrow, Wild Maine Blueberry Cake. Come in to try a piece before we run out!

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