Saturday, July 16, 2011

Date Drop Cookie

Date Drop Cookies - perhaps not the most delicious sounding cookies. I have a feeling many people are turned off by the word "dates." However, the cookies were very delicious and a nice change from your everyday chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookie. 

Making the batter involves using the creaming method, adding the dry ingredients and then, in the last step, adding the dates. Marjorie has you boiling the dates in water while you mix the rest of the cookie dough. When it came time to add the date mixture to the batter, it was a little unclear whether to add just the dates or the dates and the liquid. 

I ended up adding everything: dates and liquid. When I mixed it all up, it turned out to be very runny, and I thought to myself, "This might be the first recipe that actually doesn't work out." I wonder if Marjorie meant to add just the dates, but the recipe is very unclear so I guess I'll never know. 

I decided to try baking just a couple of cookies first to see if they would even do anything in the oven. Much to my surprise, they did. The cookies rose beautifully and turned a delicious golden brown. They are the perfect soft chewy cookie. 

Don't be discouraged by the fact that these treats have dates in them. You probably won't even notice! Give them a try if not at the Blue Elephant, then certainly pull out the recipe sometime and try making them yourself. You won't be disappointed! 

Blue Elephant Cafe
12 Pepperell Square
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  1. The dates should be cut up and the dates and water are simmered together until it's a fairly thick mixture. It shouldn't be watery.