Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bologna Stack-ups

Bologna! Just the word conjures up a variety of memories for lots of people; from fried bologna to the bologna ad on t.v. and from the brown bag elementary school lunches to Homer Simpson singing his bologna song. Marjorie Standish on the other hand made use of bologna as a tasty hors d oeuvre. A blend of cream cheese, horseradish and a dash of cream is spread between layers of bologna. To serve I then sliced it into wedges and served the pieces on toothpicks.

The customers daring enough to try this culinary adventure agreed that it was not bad! In fact, a tasty little treat! Look out Blue Elephant fans, this is just the beginning of some of the crazy recipes inside Cooking Down East!

Blue Elephant Cafe
12 Pepperell Square 
Saco Maine 04072


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