Monday, December 5, 2011

Bean Pot Chicken Breasts

Every time I turn to the "poultry" section of this cook book I think, "There can't possibly be any more in this section to do!" I have marked off dates next to almost all of the recipes. However, they must multiply while I sleep, because I always seem to have two left to do.

I decided to make Bean Pot Chicken Breasts last week. I can officially say that I only have two more recipes in the poultry section! I've checked, and double checked, and yes - only two more, and I'll have a whole section down!

But back to the Bean Pot Chicken Breasts. I really liked this recipe. It was sooo easy! The bean pot is kind of like an old fashioned version of a crockpot. Simply place butter, onions and chicken breasts into a bean pot, and place the pot in the oven to bake. Marjorie suggests serving the dish with rice. I decided salad would be a good option for serving it here at the cafe.

It only took about an hour and a half in the oven (which is a much shorter cooking time than Marjorie suggests). Every time I lifted the lid and smelled the dish, memories of childhood dinners at my Grandmother's house flooded back. It was very cool.

Give this recipe a try sometime if you're in a time crunch and looking for something delicious for dinner. You won't be disappointed!

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